About us


Environmental protection activity

Environmental policy
"We promote the environmental protection activity and contribute to the society by selling optical parts and various physics and chemistry products. ""Comfortable environment for the earth and the human"" is our goal.
Our activity is as follows; "

  1. We shall comply with the corporation agreements and laws related to our activity, products and services.
  2. To prevent pollution, the following matters shall be accomplished emphatically;
    • Waste reduction
    • Improvement of production efficiency
    • Decrease of harmful environmental impact
    • Effective use for resource and energy
  3. Formation of local community
    We shall let all employees know the above activities and keep improving the system continuously.

Certification in ISO14001 (Mito factory) July, 2004

Basic policy

"We are existing to make our customers brilliant.
All departments of production, sales and administration shall do the best to meet customers requests so that we will be a bridge of the bright future of the customer."

Quality policy

We shall keep supplying products providing pleasure, trust and satisfaction to our customers. And also, we shall maintain high quality by complying with fixed standard and applicable laws.

Quality target

  1. We shall supply good products and quality fully meeting with customers requirement.
  2. We shall supply products with ideas or suggestions to make the products better.
  3. All employees observe enacted standard and applied law, and maintain high quality.